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FairVotes is an autonomous and fully transparent e-voting system

Fairvotes- 100% Croatian e-voting system

Fairvotes is the first Croatian electronic voting application developed successfully by a team of IDE3 experts.

Fairvotes is the first Croatian electronic voting software solution successfully developed by a team of IDE3 experts. For many years, IDE3 has been developing and implementing modern IT solutions, enabling its users to fully digitize and automate their business. The idea of ​​creating an electronic voting system has been smoldering in the minds of our experts for some time now, and the realization itself has come about somewhat spontaneously. Namely, when working with one client, we witnessed the whole process of creating, maintaining and completing a classic election process. The organization of such a process required the coordination of a number of parameters, from the preparation and printing of a large number of ballots, mailing them, to the final counting of votes by a multi-member commission. The conduct of the election itself was very time-consuming and slow, eventually resulting in high costs and a great waste of time. Since no one in the Republic of Croatia had offered an online voting platform before then, our team of experts decided to start implementing the first Croatian e-voting system.

Listening to the wishes and needs of our clients, we came up with the idea of ​​making the e-voting app useful to everyone. That is why it is intended for everyone, from political parties, joint stock companies, trade unions, associations, educational and scientific institutions, religious organizations, various alliances and associations ... to all who need to make decisions by voting.

Fairvotes brings many advantages over classic choices:


A common barrier to voting is going to the polls. Using Firevotes does not need it. Voters can cast their vote anytime, anywhere from any device that has Internet access. With Fairvotes, voter turnout is far greater than in classic elections and even 100%.


A very important feature of the Fairvotes system is security and integrity. The double-identification system ensures that the voting questionnaire comes to the right person and that each vote belongs exactly to the one who should and did vote with guaranteed anonymity.


Cost rationalization is the primary consideration of all businesses. With Fairvotes voting system, savings are guaranteed. There is no unnecessary spending of money or time. There is no printing of slips, organization of space, gathering of large numbers of people. No unnecessary travel, no fuel consumption, no electricity, no water. There is no need to pay people who oversee, coordinate and ultimately count votes and publish results. With Fairvotes, an entire organization can be made by one person.


The basic requirement for conducting online voting is transparency of the entire election process. The system is accessible to all voters on equal terms. With a unique key, you are assured that each of the voters will send their vote only once. The goal of Fairvotes is to avoid the possibility of duplicate voting and thus to conduct elections credibly.


Two essential features of Fairvotes are simplicity and speed. In just a few minutes you can put together the questions you want to ask voters. Your voters will be delighted with the ease of being able to vote from their mobile device or computer at any time, without undue expense. The system will automatically count the votes and you will immediately have ready and accurate voting results.


Fairvotes lets you create a vote for whatever you need. You design your own questions and create a custom ballot. You can customize the look of the site by entering your logo, email, phone, or any other feature you feel is needed.

The benefits of this system are truly numerous, and its speed, accuracy and simplicity are unmatched by classic voting or elections.

Digitize this segment of your business with minimal engagement and quality service.


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