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FairVotes is an autonomous and fully transparent e-voting system

Public and Anonymous Voting Options

Introducing FairVotes - a system for 100% anonymous voting, and its counterpart, OpenVotes - an e-voting system that allows public voting.

FairVotes is a system designed to simplify and expedite the electoral process within businesses and organizations. It caters to a wide range of activities, from organizations, companies, associations, and more, for which elections or voting are an integral part of decision-making.

FairVotes is a versatile system that can adapt to all your needs, depending on the situation and the electoral process.

What sets FairVotes apart as a system is its ANONYMITY.

Anonymity and the protection of each voter's identity are 100% guaranteed within the FairVotes system!

What if you need a non-anonymous vote?

That's why OpenVotes was created.

OpenVotes is a system identical to FairVotes, or its version, used for e-voting in situations where it's necessary to know which voter chose which option.

Thus, OpenVotes enables:

  • Public Voting: During and at the end of meetings or elections, data on the choices of each voter (who voted for which option) are publicly available.
  • Pseudo-anonymous Voting: Each voter, during voting, enters a secret nickname, which is displayed alongside their choice during and at the end of the vote/meeting or election.

Both FairVotes and OpenVotes share the same features:

  • Simplicity - allowing you to create a vote in just a few steps.
  • Authenticity - Systems provide the ability to customize content, appearance, and options.
  • Success - After the elections are published, the organizer has access to detailed statistics, such as the total number of successfully sent voting invitations, the voter turnout percentage, and the election results themselves, which are available immediately after the end of voting.
  • The security and transparency of voting are ensured by two-factor authentication for each voter.
  • Speed - Voters can easily and quickly cast their votes with just a mobile phone and an internet connection.

FairVotes (OpenVotes) guarantees the SECURITY and TRACEABILITY of each voting step, and voting can be done INSTANTLY or with a TIME DELAY (voting within 24 hours or a longer time period).

FairVotes today has more than 250,000 voters in over 800 held meetings, elections, and votes, and some of FairVotes' clients include political parties, cities, public fire departments, as well as the largest associations, unions, and companies in Croatia, Slovenia, and the world.

Choose your voting garden and get in touch with us!

Welcome to a new era of voting!


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