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FairVotes is an autonomous and fully transparent e-voting system

What is e-voting?

E-voting or electronic voting is a form of voting that involves the use of an electronic method for casting or adding up votes in elections. An electronic device, mainly with internet access, is required for its implementation.

Electronic voting means a voting system that uses electronic devices or computers in at least one of the voting stages. There are many different types of e-voting systems. Some use electronic devices to count the votes cast through ballots, some record voices directly, and some transmit voices to public networks. These are Internet or online voting systems.

Internet voting or online voting can be conducted in several ways: at a polling station where there is an internet connection only between the polling station and the electorate, at special kiosks - a special electronic voting devices, or at any time, anywhere where there is a signal. Of course, with adequate measures to protect the safety and anonymity of voters and their choices.

This is exactly how our Fairvotes online voting system is. All you need to use it is a device with internet access.

Fairvotes is very affordable and accessible to everyone. Organizing and conducting elections through Fairvotes is fast, easy, and very convenient over classic voting methods.

For voters, such voting is not a nuisance because they can vote anytime, anywhere without having to go to the polling place, at no cost, and with great time savings. All they have to do is click.

This way of voting and making decisions remotely has proved very successful around the world. Estonia has been conducting national elections very successfully for 15 years using an electronic voting system. Many joint stock companies cast their votes precisely through such systems. Unions too. One case in point is that of a major airline whose cabin crew received their first collective agreement thanks to the electronic voting of union members.

Using such sophisticated online voting systems is a great time saver for businesses, stock companies, associations, unions, and any other organization that needs to make any election or vote.

Using such a system does not require much engagement and preparation for organizing the vote or getting results. The results are immediately available, accurate and credible.

The Fairvotes system is accessible to everyone at any time and place. Speed ​​is one of its greatest strengths because elections can be organized and conducted in a very short timeframe, which is extremely important to all those who need decisions as soon as possible or suddenly.

Online voting is the vote of the future. We live in an age where everything is digitized, simplified, and made more accessible. All with the aim of saving and modernizing. It is clear to all those who vote how complicated and challenging the election organization can be. And expensive. Only one system can eliminate all these negative aspects. Such a system will contribute to your more proactive and successful business, your modernization and your skillful swim through the digital age.


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