Organizing assemblies via the FairVotes system

FairVotes is a simple, secure and transparent system for conducting e-assemblies.

FairVotes enables conducting assemblies live or entirely online through our electronic voting system. All that is needed to participate in the assembly is a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone with internet access.

FairVotes facilitates conducting assemblies through:

  • the authentication (verification) of each participant
  • e-voting on the assembly's proposals and points
  • the live broadcast of the assembly (video stream)
  • participants’ audio and video communication
  • asking questions and offering counter-proposals
  • the review and exchange of documentation

FairVotes experts ensure the successful preparation and implementation of assemblies:

1. CONSULTATIONS ON CONDUCTING ASSEMBLIES Preparing the organizer for the course of the assembly to be conducted through the FairVotes system
2. PREPARATION OF THE ASSEMBLY Verifying the technical correctness of assembly participants’ data, providing support in setting the assembly's necessary parameters
3. LEADING AND SUPPORT DURING THE ASSEMBLY Online support, telephone support or live support to the organizer throughout the assembly
4. POST-ASSEMBLY ANALYSIS AND RESULTS Along with the readily available results, we offer an additional analysis and report on the conducted assembly

The main advantages of the FairVotes system in the process of conducting assemblies:


E-assembly participants access the system via an e-mail invitation using a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone with internet access. FairVotes requires no additional installation and enables participation in 3 simple clicks.


An absolutely transparent digital trail of each assembly participant within the user interface. Through an exclusive invitation sent to participants’ e-mail addresses, at any moment it is possible to see who is participating in the meeting (who is present) and the digital trail of each vote.


Upon the conclusion of the assembly, FairVotes produces detailed reports with information on participant attendance, statuses, and voting results that can be printed in a variety of formats, thus simplifying the task of producing the assembly’s minutes. The results can be shared with all participants during or after the assembly.

Audio and video communication

Organize an online assembly with the FairVotes system using audio and video communication within a single application. Share your screen and camera, share documents, communicate instantly with all your participants - it is all possible within the FairVotes system.

audio i video komunikacija
Simple user interface

The system can adapt to any form of e-assembly due to its numerous functionalities. Assembly participants are able to dynamically ask questions, communicate with the organizer and follow the progress of the vote. The system offers organizers the possibility to set up anonymous or public voting, set a quorum, add agendas and documentation and monitor participants’ attendance.

 Live assembly stream (Video stream)
 Verification of each participant/voter
 Voting (public or anonymous)
 Weighted voting
 Results available immediately
 A digital trail of each participant
 Questions on the part of voters
 Participants' audio and video communication
 Asking questions and offering counter-proposals
 Documentation review and exchange
 Statistical or textual questions


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