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FairVotes is an autonomous and fully transparent e-voting system

Electronic voting - How can it help you?

Although everyone associates the word voting and elections with elections of a political nature, they forget that every association, institution, society and many others have questions on a daily basis that also need an answer. The FairVotes system adapts completely to you and your needs. Whether you are electing a new president or electing a tenant representative, FairVotes voting software can be used for any topic you have imagined or want to explore.

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What is e-voting?

E-voting or electronic voting is a form of voting that involves the use of an electronic method for casting or adding up votes in elections. An electronic device, mainly with internet access, is required for its implementation.

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Fairvotes- 100% Croatian e-voting system

Fairvotes is the first Croatian electronic voting application developed successfully by a team of IDE3 experts.

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