FairVotes is an autonomous and fully transparent e-voting system

FairVotes - 100% EU origin voting system.

All types of elections, voting and decision-making of a large number of people can be conducted through FairVotes.

FairVotes is ideal in situations where the exact beginning and end of the election process is known and there are pre-defined questions.

FairVotes is a fully automated solution with which the results are available immediately upon completion of the selection process.

FairVotes enables transparent, anonymous and secure voting.

Below you can see the process of easily creating elections in the FairVotes system, and if you need a voting system for live events, see our FairVotes.LIVE.

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Watch the video:

Summary of main functions

The advantages of FairVotes


Register to access the application

Select your pricing plan

Setup your election

Application login
New elections
Create new elections:

Enter the title of your election

Define the duration

Automate notifications

Insert election questions

Upload the voter list

Initiate the elections

Follow the election

Check if all voters received invitiation to vote

Monitor voter activity

Send reminders to your voters

The results are one click away

Election monitoring
Special services
Select special FairVotes services:

Elections led by our expert team

Access to an infinite number of elections

Customize the visual features of the voting process

Discounts for new elections


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