FairVotes LIVE

FairVotes is an autonomous and fully transparent e-voting system

FairVotes.LIVE is used for elections, voting, decision making and is ideal for assemblies, congresses, meetings, sessions where it is valid, feedback is needed at the moment.

FairVotes. LIVE allows the administrator to manage the entire event, and independently manage the start and end of the election in real time.

FairVotes.LIVE allows you to add additional documentation, agendas and interact with voters.


Only mobile device required
No unnecessary installation and download of the application
Voting is completely anonymous and secure
Ask questions Live, through the app, without the need for a microphone
Instantly run the entire event as an administrator, start and stop elections
Share event details with participants (documentation, agenda ...)
Visibility of participants who are or are not present at the event
Visible voting statistics related to the elections at any time
Multilingual options
Select simple or 2-factor authorization

Welcome to a new era of decision making!


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