FairVotes is a Croatian autonomous and absolutely transparent e-voting system


Up to 20 voters

  • Basic functionalities
  • Access to the system for 30 days
  • Independent use of the system
  • Access to user instructions
Plus 350

Up to 350 voters

50,00 €
  • Basic functionalities
  • Access to the system for 90 days
  • Independent use of the system
  • Access to user instructions
  • E-mail support
Plus 1000

Up to 1000 voters

120,00 €
  • Basic functionalities
  • Access to the system for 90 days
  • Independent use of the system
  • Access to user instructions
  • E-mail support

from 240,00 €
  • Advanced functionalities
  • Unlimited system usage
  • Consulting and education
  • Capability to organize and conduct elections
  • Email and telephone support
  • Annual subscription option

*System presentation possibility

*Possibility of two-factor authorization and choice between public or anonymous voting

*For any additional questions - contact us at info@fair-votes.com


Which devices can access the FairVotes system?

Participants of e-elections can access the system via email invitation using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone with internet access. FairVotes does not require additional installations but enables participation in just 3 clicks.

How long will data from past elections be available to me?

In all packages, system availability is 30 days after the end of the election. After the 30-day period, all data is erased from the system, except in the case of an annual subscription to the system.

Can we determine if a specific voter has indeed voted?

At any time during the election, you can track activities for each voter. The system shows when the voter received the email, opened the email, clicked the link, and voted. What cannot be tracked are the results until the end of the election.

What does two-factor authentication mean?

Two-factor authentication signifies an additional confirmation of the voter's identity. In all standard packages, voters receive a unique invitation to their email address, while in the case of two-factor authentication, along with the email invitation, the voter enters a four-digit pin received on their phone number.

1 voter = 1 vote

Each voter will receive a unique email invitation. Each voter will receive a confirmation on the screen when their vote is recorded, as well as a confirmation of successful voting sent to their email address. Once a voter has voted, they will no longer be able to access the voting.

Anonymous or public voting

The FairVotes system offers the option of public or anonymous voting. If it's anonymous voting, it's not possible to track which voter voted for which option, and the election results themselves are not available until the end of the voting. In the case of public voting, the person's email is attributed to the response in the results themselves, and there is also the possibility for the voter to enter their nickname, which will then be visible below the selected answer.

What is required to initiate voting?

To initiate the elections, it is necessary to create a ballot, select election options, and enter a list of voters. The list of voters can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet, and the required fields are Name, Surname, and email address. It should be noted that each voter must have a unique email address.

How secure is the FairVotes system?

The FairVotes system is located in a private Cloud environment with the highest level of protection and access control and fully complies with European privacy and data protection laws. FairVotes now counts over 250,000 voters in more than 800 held assembly elections and votes, and some of FairVotes' clients include: political parties, cities, Public Fire Departments, and the largest associations, alliances, and companies in Croatia, Slovenia, and the world.

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