Organizing voting through the FairVotes system

FairVotes is a simple, secure and transparent system for conducting e-voting.

FairVotes is a system for organizing e-voting live or online for an unlimited number of voters.

Whether it is business or private in nature, FairVotes will get you prepared and organize a vote that is tailored to your needs.

All that is necessary to conduct a vote is:

  • participants’ e-mail addresses
  • the duration of the vote
  • the creation of a ballot with one or more questions

Voting through the FairVotes system is an automated process which only requires a computer, a tablet or a mobile phone with internet access.

The main advantages of the FairVotes system in the voting process:

Voting made simple

Voters access the system via an e-mail invitation using a computer, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone. FairVotes enables participation in voting in 3 simple clicks.

Secure voting

An absolutely transparent digital trail of each voter within the user interface. Through an exclusive invitation sent to voter's e-mail address, it is possible to see which voter has received the invitation, opened the invitation, and accessed the election.


Upon the conclusion of the vote, FairVotes prepares detailed reports with voter data and voting results that can be printed in a variety of formats. The results can also be shared with all the participants at the end of the vote.

Public or anonymous voting

Depending on organizers’ needs, FairVotes offers the possibility of anonymous voting or public voting where information on each voter’s selection is made publicly available.

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Types of questions

The number of questions and options in each vote is unlimited. During the creation of the ballot, the type of question as well as the additional options that are necessary and adequate to that voting process are chosen. FairVotes offers the option of statistical questions or textual questions as well as abstention for each of the questions.

 Voting (public or anonymous)
 Authorisation (simple or 2-factor)
 Results available immediately
 Detailed voting statistics
 A digital trail of each participant
 Croatian language system
 Automated or manual start-up
 Statistical or textual questions
 Unlimited number of questions
 Multiple answers per question
 Easy-to-use system (1 click)


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